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at the park, August 30, 2002
Ch. Kasan Airborne Ranger, 11 months old
August 30, 2002
Ch. Kasan Airborne Ranger is a sable Smooth Coat Collie, born September 24, 2001. He was selected for his attitude, confidence, working bloodlines, intelligence, and solid conformation. He is normal-eyed (CERF # CO-1605/2002--11). Ranger is the quintessential smooth collie: intelligent, loyal, athletic, handsome & loving.

Ranger is an outgoing, friendly boy. Absolutely fearless, he never meets a stranger -- just friends and admirers that he hasn't met yet! He's a charmer, and is a real sweetheart. A true California-boy, Ranger loves lying in the sun, playing frisbee, and eating avocados.

Ranger earned his AKC championship on August 18, 2002, finishing with four majors, including a 5-point Best of Variety -- all before his first birthday! Ranger enjoys agility, obedience, and herding, and he also does quite a bit of hiking and cuddling! He has literally saved my life twice, so I think he's pretty special.

For show results and photos,
see Ranger's show page.

Ranger is handsome now, but he was absolutely adorable as a puppy!
See his puppy album for photos!

Ranger in Carlene
August 6, 2006
August 2006
RJ worked as a park ranger all summer, so Ranger and I did a lot of things with just the two of us. We went to the Farmer's Market on most weekends, did some hiking, and generally had a good time. As we've done for the past 3 years, I took both Carlene (my MG) and Ranger to the Colorado Highland Games in August. Carlene is entered in the British car show, and Ranger is part of the [i]Dogs of the British Isles[/i] exhibit. It's a fun weekend, and Ranger loves all the attention from spectators. He was especially popular as my co-pilot in the parade, as he loves riding in Carlene. As a proper Scottish dog, Ranger also got to eat some haggis (which he loved), although he wasn't overly fond of the Guinness afterwards.
December 2006
Christmas came a bit early this year, as Ranger greatly enjoyed the new toys sent from a Canadian friend. The box actually contained two toys -- one for Ranger and one for Rock -- but Ranger claimed them both. The dogs also enjoyed the nearly three feet of snow that arrived just before Christmas, and had a great time playing in the snow drifts in the backyard and at the park. Snow is fun -- especially if you don't have to shovel it!

December 13, 2006
Ranger with one of his Christmas presents
December 13, 2006
April 18, 2005
On the futon with his favorite fleece pillow, looking serious (for once).
April 18, 2005
April 2005
I've been working from home a lot lately because my office building is being renovated. Ranger loves having me home all day, and spends hours watching me work. There's a futon in my home office, so Ranger's favorite spot is curled up there on his favorite fleece pillow. He has a "thing" for pillows -- if there is anything nearby to lie on, he lays his head on it. It doesn't matter if it's a nice soft pillow, a blanket, a shoe, a toy, or a 2x4. He just likes to have something under his chin as he snoozes. His favorite "pillow," though, is me.

He can pose beautifully, but he is never still for long, so it's hard to get a good picture. I've tried to take photos of him when he's sleeping, but he frequently sleeps on his back, with all 4 feet in the air and his tongue hanging out -- hardly a dignified pose!

March 3, 2005
Ranger in an "alert" pose -- but his tongue is sticking out!
March 3, 2005
March 3, 2005
Ranger has an incredibly smooth gait, and can go for miles. I love to watch him.
March 3, 2005
September 25, 2004
Ranger turned three yesterday -- WOW!!! I guess he's really not a puppy anymore. I can't believe he's grown up so fast, and sometimes it seems like he was a puppy just yesterday. He still acts like it sometimes!

Ranger has been running with me almost every day, and he's become a really good running partner. I just wished my gait was as smooth as his! His movement is so effortless and fluid, it's a joy to watch. He can go miles without getting tired. Running keeps him long and lean, and his muscles are rock-hard.

Even on days when I don't feel like running, Ranger is always eager to go, which is great encouragement for me. He's a huge bonus to my exercise program! He gets incredibly excited when he sees me putting on my running shoes, and he runs to where his leash hangs by the front door. If we don't run for a few days (like this week, when I hurt my big toe), Ranger is practically bursting out of his skin with pent-up energy!

Paradise Valley, July 4, 2004
Enjoying the mountains on a camping trip to Paradise Valley --
I rode my mountain bike down to the valley floor,
while Ranger ran the whole way!
July 4, 2004
Nik & Ranger cuddling, Sept. 5, 2004
Cuddling on the bed
September 5, 2004
August 21, 2004
Ranger and Splash represented the smooth collies in the Dogs of the British Isles exhibit and parade at the Scottish Highland Games in Highlands Ranch last weekend. It was an entire weekend of being petted and admired, and showing people what wonderful dogs smooth collies are. I made a shirt to wear -- it has a picture of Splash and Ranger, and says "Yes, they are collies. No, they did not have haircuts. They are Smooth Collies." Our dogs are so sweet and friendly, everyone loves them!

We started agility this past summer, and Ranger absolutely loved it! In my (totally unbiased!) opinion, he was the best dog in the class. Although he's still a very active boy, he's really settled down in the past few months. He's much better about paying attention to me when we're training, especially when I have treats! He's still fearless, and the "airborne" is his name is often literal! We have to take a break from agility for a while now, because work has me traveling too much this fall. Hopefully we can get back to it in a few months!

at the park, October 2003
At the park after a long walk/run and a lot of playing --
pardon the tongue hanging out!
October 2003
Splash and Ranger, October 2003
December 21, 2003
It's winter in Colorado, and Ranger loves the snow and cold weather! He has a wonderful time romping in the snow -- unfortunately, a back yard full of snow quickly becomes a back yard full of mud! Ranger has really matured physically in the past few months, developing a nice chest & really filling out. As his breeder says, now he looks like a Kasan dog! If I can find the time & money, I'd like to go back to the show ring as a special, just to show off a little & have some fun!

There's a nice park just a block from our house, and we go there a lot. Ranger & Splash love to run, play frisbee, and play on the slides! Two ten-year-old neighborhood girls have fallen in love with both dogs, so they go to the park with us whenever they can. The dogs like having extra playmates & admirers!

August 9, 2003
Ranger is growing up, but he's still a goofball! He's a very intelligent dog, but sometimes he just makes me laugh -- like right now! He's sleeping on the couch next to my desk, sprawled on his back with all four feet in the air, one ear flipped over, and a goofy grin on his face! It sure doesn't look comfortable to me, but it must be, because that's how he usually sleeps. It's especially funny when he dreams that he's running and his paws twitch while he's still upside down. Silly boy! He's a sweetheart, though!

Formal training is a low priority right now because we've been moving, buying a house, and generally settling into life in Colorado. Even with minimal practice, Ranger is such a well-behaved boy! I admit to being a little prejudiced, but I really like him! Both of our collies are so sweet and easy to live with. We've spent several weekends lately with some friends who have very young children, and the collies are so sweet and gentle with the kids -- even when their ears are being tugged on and they're being sat on! Ranger is a real kisser, and he seems to think that the kids are at perfect face-washing height!

June 17, 2003
After living in separate states for most of the past year, the entire family (RJ, Splash, Ranger, Poly & me) are finally in the same house again. Ranger & Splash are enjoying being in Colorado - we do a lot of hiking on the weekends, and they love being out in the mountains. They're both blowing their coats (thankfully it's almost done!), so they get groomed every day, which Ranger loves & Splash detests! When the shedding is really bad, we put on their harnesses and clip them in the back seat of the Jeep, then drive around with the top down and let the wind blow off the loose hair. The back seat of the Jeep gets fur-covered, but it's worth it!

Ranger is almost 21 months old now, and he's really looking grown up -- his chest is filling out, and he's losing the lanky teenage look. He's still acts like a teenager, though! He's very friendly and playful, and just a joy to have around, even if he's a bit goofy sometimes! He has a definite toe-fetish, and with the summer weather everyone wears sandals -- Ranger has surprised quite a few of our friends by licking their toes when they come over! We've been busy with moving and now house-hunting, so we haven't done much training besides basic obedience, but we'll get back to tracking when things settle down some. If we can, we might even go special in some of the summer shows. For now, Ranger is enjoying just hanging out and relaxing!

October 26, 2002
My thyroidectomy was successful, and I'm feeling good again. We're back in training, and Ranger is doing really well in obedience. His favorite activity, though, is going to the lake and romping in the mud with Splash and their Border Collie friends!

August 31, 2002
Ranger is enjoying being home and relaxing! We're starting on obedience and agility, but also just enjoying "hanging out" at the park. I'm having thyroid surgery at the end of September, so I'm not up for doing much agility training right now. Ranger is getting lots of cuddle time, though! He's quite a kisser.

I can't believe how big Ranger is getting! He's taller than Splash, and quite a bit more solid. Ranger is so well put together that I forget how big he is. He's definitely a boy! It's so funny to see Ranger and Splash play together. Splash is dainty and refined, while Ranger is more rambunctious. The real ruler in our household, though, is Poly, our plump black kitty. Poly loves to wrestle with the collies, and she'll wrap her paws around their heads while they lick her tummy. It's hysterical! Poly likes to lick their faces, but doesn't always appreciate it when they return the attention. Dog tongues are wetter than cat tongues!

Ranger sprawled on the couch after my graduation party, December 20, 2003
Ranger sprawled on the couch after my graduation party --
notice the Aggie-maroon bandanna!
December 20, 2003
Nik & Ranger at the peak  of Uncompaghre, July 6, 2002
Nik & Ranger at the peak of Uncompaghre
July 6, 2002
Having fun at the Greeley KC show
August 17, 2002
August 18, 2002
With a major win at Greeley Kennel Club, Ranger finished his AKC conformation championsip! See his show page for details and photos. We've had a great time at the dog shows, and have really enjoyed getting to know some of the collie fanciers in Colorado.

July 12, 2002
My apartment doesn't allow pets, so Ranger is spending the summer with Jim & Jen in Gunnison. Ranger is having a great time with the Adams' huskies, Rock & Cairo. He's getting into good shape, too! Rock has taught him how to howl, so Ranger sounds like some weird kind of wolf. It's hysterical!

I went to Gunnison for the July 4th long weekend, and enjoyed having time to spend with my boy. He's getting taller, and is really muscular now from all the running he's been doing! The highlight of the weekend was climbing Uncompaghre Peak, a 14'er in the San Juans -- 14,306 feet, to be exact! Ranger loved the hike, and ran almost the entire time! At the end of the day, though, he was so tired that he ate dinner lying down!

March 30-31, 2002
In his show debut, Ranger took Winners Dog and Best of Winners for both days of the Brazos Valley AKC show! For details and photos, see Ranger's show page.

Ch. Kings Valley Cavalier II (Baxter)  
Ch. Kings Valley Cavalier II
Kasan Cool of the Evening (Diva)
Kasan Cool of the Evening

Ranger was bred by Diane Parness of Foggy Bay Collies in Sonoma, California, and Sandy Tuttle of Kasan/Arrowhill, in Santa Rosa, California. His sire is Champion Kings Valley Cavalier II (Baxter), and his dam is Kasan Cool of the Evening (Diva). His uncle Champion Kasan Too Cool (Treve) has earned his TD (Tracking Dog), PT, JHD, CGC, OFA, and VA titles, and the Collile Club of America Versatility Award.

Ranger is a great-great-great-grandson of Sandy Tuttle's legendary CH Black Hawk of Kasan ROM. Hawk won six Best of Variety wins at the Collie Club of America Nationals, and was the first smooth collie to win Best of Breed at the National Specialty, the first smooth to win Best In Show at an all-breed event, and was the top producing smooth sire of record for many years, producing 84 champions.

For Ranger's bloodlines and photos, see his pedigree.

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