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Finally, our diverged roads have led to ... home.

RJ has been a park ranger with the state of Oregon since June 2012, and was promoted to Beach Ranger in early 2013. He's responsible for the southernmost third of Oregon's beaches. He loves his job, but then, what's not to love when this is the view for a typical lunch break?

In January 2013, we bought a farm with 5 acres near the town of Coos Bay. There is a hundred-year old dairy barn and a farmhouse that's almost as old, and a dock on the slough. It has been neglected for quite a few years so there is a lot of work to do, but we love how peaceful it is. It's wonderful to have room for the horses, a shop for my MG, plenty of land, and just having our own place again.
More photos of the house and property here

Ranger loves being a farm dog, 3/3/13

Looking up at the barn and pump house from Catching Slough road, 3/1/13

North side of the house, with a massive tree, 3/1/13

Patio on the south side of the house, with a view of the slough, 5/5/13

Catching Slough at slack tide, from the dock

The pastures are rich and lush, which the horses are really enjoying.

Rogue and Gypsy meeting for the first time, 5/18/13

Coming from Texas, Rogue and Fairy had never seen grass like this! They were more interested in eating it than meeting Gypsy. The horses have all settled in well, and we're looking forward to riding on all the trails and beaches nearby.

I have really enjoyed working at FDIC for the past year and will miss my fantastic colleagues there and my friends in Dallas, but it's time to be together again. At home.


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